Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heroine Profile: Kamen Rider Amaki

Nana Akiyama reprised her role as Akira in "Kamen Rider Decade" Episode 18 and 19. She is Ibuki's head apprentice, whom transforms into Kamen Rider Amaki, who resembles Ibuki. It is disappointing she doesn't have a new design like Kamen Rider Abyss. I would have hoped they made a new female rider in a series that did have one like Kabuto or 555. And what is it with having blue Kamen Riders? I agree that this suit is better than slapping a skirt on her like Kamen Rider Shuki, but I would have liked something more to differentiate between Ibuki. But should she be counted with the other Original female Kamen Riders or with those who merely wore a male suit (Ixa, etc.)?

She appeared on the Hibiki show as Akira Transformed Body (あきら変身体).


Anonymous said...

She's a female Rider. It's physiologically impossible for Riders in the Hibiki World to wear a male suit. They're physically the Oni, their human form merely a disguise surrounding it, reminding them of the life they gave up.

psowill said...

I would say she's a rider too. I'm kinda disappointed there weren't more female riders in the series.

RFyleCreatorAnimator said...

Psowill!! Well said!! I was thinking about that too.