Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Clock on the Corner

I have gotten asked about this and probably all Tokusatsu fans are tired of this, but maybe newcomers don't know about it. The first time I saw the clock was in Gingaman picture in 1998. The clock is common on Japanese television, it is for when a parent tells the kid to hurry up to get to church or school and the kid tells them it is not late or to keep up with the time. So if you see a clock in a Sentai picture, it is because the person got the picture off the TV. But now, there are different satelite channels that don't broadcast the clock.

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Kandou Erik said...

Ohhhh - I've been wondering about that for a long, long time. It by no means prevents me from enjoying the show, but it has been curious why it's been there. I was also wondering why Kamen Rider didn't have it, since they come on at practically the same time.

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