Sunday, July 11, 2010

Animals used for the Monsters Part 2

Of course I will be missing some, so politely tell me which ones!

BATS (4)

No Pic: Bat Shinka of Dynaman.
OO Batton (Carranger)

Bat Nejire (Megaranger)
2 forms.

Vampaira (GoGoV)
Vampire Bat.

No Pic: Wanikaerugin (Fiveman) was half Alligator and half Frog. Crocodile Mozoo in Fiveman too.
Crocodile Nejires 1 & 2 (Megaranger)

Yatsudenwani (Abaranger)

Niwa (Gekiranger)
Crocodile-Fist User

Juuki (GoGoV)

Badoogi (Hurricanger)
Chinese Dragon style

DragonDoran (Abaranger)
Dragon-Gondola-Run Orchid

Taron (Boukenger)
Most of the Jaryuu of Boukenger were dragons but he looked the most like one.

Most of the Jaryuu of Boukenger were dragons but he looked the most like one.

Driken (Boukenger)
Most of the Jaryuu of Boukenger were dragons but he looked the most like one.


There were little horror bees in Carranger too and Bee Shinka of Dynaman and Bee Mozoo of Fiveman.
Grumble Bee/Waspicable (Power Rangers)
Zyu 2 monster used for PRiS as well.

Bee Nejire (Megaranger)

Neikaa (Gingaman)
Wasp-like Majin

Irian (Goseiger)

There was a huge Kabuto (Rhinoceros Beetle) in Liveman, Kabuto Kans and Beetle Kans in Bioman and beetle monster Kabutogin in Fiveman.
Stag Beetle (MMPR Season 2)
Part of the Zyu2 monsters.

Torbador (Gingaman)

Tagredor (Gingaman)

Desutagu (GoGoV)
Stag Beetle like.

Wagataku (Gekiranger)
2 versions. Stag Beetle/Kuwagata

Butoka (Gekiranger)
2 forms, Kabuto. And there was another one, a Rinshi in its armor.

Tageito (Goseiger)
Goliath Beetle
Pawadodaku (Goseiger)
Longhorn Beetle

No Pic: Goggle V's Spider Moozo and Dynaman's Spider Kans.
Dora Spider (Zyuranger)

Tsuchigmo (Kakuranger)

Bara Tarantula (Ohranger)
2 forms.

Spiderus (GoGoV)

Spider (Magiranger)

Gozunagumo (Shinkenger)

No Pic: Praying Mantis Mozoo of Goggle Five, Mantis Shinka of Dynaman, and Mantis Kans of Bioman
Mantis (MMPR S1)

Mantis Nejilar (Megaranger)

Mandinga (Gingaman)

Kekkaibo (Hurricanger)
Supposedly Mantis based.

Makirika (Gekiranger)

PIGS (6)

There was a pig monster in Fiveman called Butarugin.
Dora Kirike (Zyuranger)

Pig Nejire (Megaranger)

Garubaria (GoGoV)

Futabutabo (Hurricanger)

Tabu (Gekiranger)

Gouyu (Gekiranger)
Boar styled Catoblepas

Dezargi (Hurricanger)

Hakkarasunaipaa (Abaranger)

Rasuka (Gekiranger)

No Pic: Great Octopus Monger of Sun Vulcan, Octopus Shinka of Dynaman and Octopus Kans of Bioman
Octophantom (MMPR Season 2)
Zyu 2 Monster.

Octo (Hurricanger)

Ivy foot warmer (Abaranger)
Ivy-Foot Warmer-Octopus

No Pic: Buffalo Mongo (Sun Vulcan)
Buffalo Nejire (Megaranger)
Two types.

Chimera (Magiranger)
Had different animals including a Crocodile, Chameleon and Buffalo.

Gyuya (Gekiranger)
Buffalo-Fist user.

Shiyuu (Gekiranger)
Ox-styled Minotaur.

Porcupines, Chameleons, Turtles, Rhinos, Snakes, Flies and more!

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ChrisX said...

Pig monster in Fiveman is called 'Butarugin'.

Also Fiveman has a beetle-based monster named Kabutogin.

And actually there is a Bee Mozoo and a Crocodile Mozoo in Goggle Five.

Mr. Nurgle said...

As well, for mantises, there was Chief Mantis in JAKQ and there was a mantis in GoGoV too whose name I can't recall right now.

Anonymous said...

There was a Hades Beast Spider in Magiranger...
And Chimera should probably also be under crocodiles...

Mugen said...

I think you are forgetting the probably most popular pig of them all: Dora Kirke of Zyuranger

ChrisX said...

Also I forgot about Bat Mozoo in Goggle Five...

Anonymous said...

The Confrontation machine soldiers in Gekiranger were beetles, also you missed a pig (Catlopbas) and bull (Minotaur) among the Genjuken. Bull among Zyuranger and Kakuranger and Gonzagumo in shinkenger was part bull because he was based on the Ushioni