Saturday, August 14, 2010

Early Super Sentai Henshin Sequence

Decided to go over the early Super Sentai 'morphing' sequences.

Goranger, not much, just jumping up in the air and transformed instantly.

In JAKQ, they basically henshined in capsules.

In battle fever j, this was as close as they got to 'morphing', just changing into the suits.

Denjiman changed with their rings, clothes came flying at them.

In Sun Vulcan, their suits came flying at them and we saw their animal.

Goggle V, not much to tell.

Dynaman, shiny.


Changeman, mist and flash and suit.

Flashman, elobrate, we see planet, lines foes up from bottom, putting the uniform on.

Maskman, they get full of chi, become shirtless with underwear and go through a wall and don the uniform.

Liveman, a glow and a flash, a early computer frame and done.

Turboranger, a glow, we see the vehicle and glow and suit.

Fiveman, a V covers them, they glow and shine and boom, they are transformed.

Jetman Henshin, basically happened in a flash, no real sequence.

Dairanger Henshin, a flash, we see the emblem and that's it.

Kibaranger, body plump, helmet on.


Anonymous said...

The Changeman henshin sequence is my personal favorite. I love the posing they do with the mist on the background. Liveman is a close second.

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Shinken Red said...

Despite the no duplicate posting rule, I had to in order to distinguish myself from the "Shinken Red" who posted about his blog.

Btw, the videos overlap some of the text/polls.

Anonymous said...

hey lavender ranger, i was curious as to how your fanfiction is doing

Anonymous said...

In goranger
though they missed it out
there was another sequence where they just turned and transformed