Sunday, August 8, 2010

Poll Results: Favorite/Worst Costumes Part 1

Best Helmet Designs for PR?
MMPR - 71 of 168 votes
Time Force came close second with 26 votes and Dino Thunders got the least votes at 9.

Worst Helmet Designs for PR?

Aquitar (Alien) - 52 of 166 votes
Lightspeed came in second with 40 votes and Ninja Storm got 5 votes, the least.

Favorite Power Rangers Costumes?
MMPR - 59 of 178 votes
Ninja Storm got 42 votes and the least votes goes to PROO with 12 votes.

Worst Power Rangers Costumes?
Aquitar got 44 of 167, Jungle Fury came in second and SPD got 5 votes.

Favorite costume of Sentai 70's-80's?
Turboranger got 29 of 130, Liveman got second and Dynaman got 0 votes!

Worst Sentai costume of 70's-80's?
Battle Fever got 65 of 125 and the least votes, Denjiman got 3.

Best Sentai Costume of the 90's?
Zyuranger got 35, Dairanger came in second and Fiveman got the least votes.

Worst Sentai Costumes of 90's?
Fiveman got 30 of 127 and Dairanger got the least votes.

Best Sentai Costumes of this decade?
Shinkenger got 62 of 155, Boukenger got the least votes.

Worst Sentai Costumes this Decade?
Go-onger won with 30 of 145, Abaranger got least votes.

Last Toy brought from which Toy Line?
MMPR 2010 got 46 of 134 and Mystic Force and PROO got 4 votes.


Hat! said...

why is there so much hate for the alien rangers?

Mugen said...

Nostalgia Filter strikes again!

Mr. Smith said...

I really don't think the Alien Rangers/Kakuranger costumes are that bad. I actually think they're cool. To me the worst would be either Lightspeed Rescue/GoGoV or Jungle Fury/Gekiranger.

Lavender Ranger said...

I want to know what is with the Fiveman hate.

Casey said...

Shinkenger seems like it's going to be the untouchable "greatest" season for a long time yet.

Anonymous said...

I agree that nostalgia plays a huge factor in these polls. Otherwise, the Zyuranger costumes wouldn't be ranked so highly, nor would the Kakuranger costumes be ranked so lowly.

I actually prefer the Dairanger and Jetman costumes over the Zyuranger ones and in a weird sort of way, I'm glad the main Dairanger costumes were not used for Power Rangers. Even the addition of the Thunderzords and the White Ranger to the American show seemed out of place for me.

The Kakuranger costumes were not as bad as people make them out to be, they fit with the show's theme, but I actually prefer the "regular" ninja costumes wore by the main characters. I will agree with the fact that Fiveman costumes are quite ugly.

I'm surprise that Maskman didn't get more votes. In my opinion, that was the coolest of the 80's Super Sentai costumes, even if the show itself was a bit dull. The mecha (Great Five) was cool too.

Luca said...

Zyu/MMPR had the WORST. DESIGNS. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But yeah, the aquitar/kaku designs were fail...

IDK who was the best, but sentai usually fails with organic-based designs and really needs to just leave those to Kamen Rider.

Mr. Smith said...

The Zyu/MMPR designs are not bad. You're just saying that Luca because you hate MMPR

Lavender Ranger said...

Mr. Smith, please don't say that other people hat things, that could start a flame war, I don't want that.

Mr. Smith said...

I apologize to Lavender Ranger and Luca, I got out of hand just a bit :(

Lavender Ranger said...

No worries.