Monday, August 9, 2010

Reused Props in Power Rangers

Other than monsters, various other props had been repainted or reused in Power Rangers. To clarify, in this post I'm not talking about the monsters. Neither I'm I talking about Sentai props used as PR props (Like GoGoV's Mint appearing the background of PRLR or the Sentai symbols in Dino Thunder or the Goranger photo in SPD).

Tankenstein/Rescue Rover
First jeep used in Power Rangers in Space. The jeep was repainted for Lightspeed.

Dr. O's Jeep and Deltra Cruiser (SPD)
Dr. Oliver's jeep was repainted for SPD.

Also reused for the Jungle Karma Pizza jeep. I don't know if it was reused for PROO or not because the PROO one has six lights and a grill in front.

Emperor Grumm's Bike
My site partner Mike believes it was remolded from one of the Tsnuami Cycles.

Mobile Command Center and Triceramax Command Center
Re-painted and reused for Dino Thunder.

Jungle Karma Pizza bike/Ziggy's bike
Repainted and repurposed. I don't have a pic of the Jungle Karma bike.

A-Squad Laser Guns/Cornith Guard Guns
The black guns with Ranger-colors have been repainted to grey with red for the Cornith guards in RPM.

UPDATED 8/11/10
Thunder Stinger/Dr.K's weapon
Thanks to Dave, Dr. K's clothes removing weapon from "Ranger Green" episode was actually the Thunder Stinger from Big Bad Beetleborgs (1996).

And via Super Sentai...

In Power Rangers, this blue sphere was first seen in Rita's palace.

In Zeo, it was used in the back of the Gold Ranger's cockpit of Pyramadis.

In Lightspeed Rescue, it was in the skull castle. Here it is in the right bottom corner. It seems that in Power Rangers, it was only seen three times, while in Sentai it was also used in Jetman, Dairanger, Megaranger and Hurricanger.

I know there a couple other stuff, let me know.


Anonymous said...

I like the jeeps, bikes, mobil command center and guns, there only utilize in the Power Rangers series!!


Unknown said...

I know the thunder stinger from big bad beetleborgs was repainted n seen in Dr Ks lab. I think it was painted grey maybe?

Unknown said...

In regards to Dr O`s jeep being reused in Operation Overdrive. I don`t believe that it is it. On other Power Rangers pages, It`s called a hummer.(Rather small hummer compared to the Rescue Rover though.)
But yes, That jeep of SPD is repainted for Jungle Fury! But why on Earth would you need a jeep to deliver Pizzas?