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NEW! Kyoryuger Toy Images

UPDATED 12/9/12 7:30 PM EST

Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger Dinosaur Mecha Kamitsuki Gattai DX
 Comes with GabuTyra, Stegocchi and Dricera

01 Zactor (Green)

02 Parasagan (Black)
KyoryuJin can even sing and say “KyoryuJin, Western! Yeehaw!” when Zactor and Parasagan are connected.

03 Ankydora (Cyan)
 Ankydora is based on the Ankylosaurus and it is the first of the auxiliary mecha. Surprise surprise, it is cyan just like GaoElephant, Dimetro, Gougou Shovel, GekiShark and Kajiki Origami. When Ankydora and Dricera are connected, instead of KyoryuJin Western, it’s KyoryuJin Macho!

 The Kyoryuger’s have bikes called “Dino Chasers” by combining two JudenRyu. The Kyoryuger’s use a weapon called GabRevolver when it’s in Gun Mode. When it’s used as a sword, it’s called GabCalibur. I like the yellow and black bike.

I am really really loving the Red-Blue-Pink combo of the main robo! I also like that the blue one gets replaced first before pink. With cyan, it looks basically the same.

Info and pics thanks to Henshin Justice:
 The GabRevolver can also change into the sword, GabriCalibur. With this weapon, the Kyoryugers can use a special attack with Samba Rhythm!

  A bit better look at the suits, the arms seem to be a dark shade except for Black who has a greyish tone.

 To active a JudenRyu, simply throw a battery into its mouth!

 The GabRecalibur is compatible with JudenChi 15, Allomerus. The battery can used to activate the special attack, “Bamora”. While GabRevolver is compatible with JudenChi 1, 14 and 15, Gabutyra, Stymero and Allomerus. It can be used as a machine gun, or as a shotgun.

 It also has the special attack, Bamora, just like the GabRecalibur. "Bamora Much" is a stronger attack. The GabRevolver is their henshin device.

 Top is the buckle, bottom are GabRecalibur and GabRevolver.

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