Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Artículos en Español de Power Rangers y Saban Brands

There is no new information about Saban Brands in these two articles but I am posting them because they are in Spanish and this is for those Spanish fans that it is hard for them to find information. I translated it for if you were interested. They state the upcoming season as the 18th season even though in the Saban Brands video had it as the 19th season.

Saban Brands regresa a MIP Junior y MIPCOM con el distribuidor internacional MarVista Entertainment como parte del relanzamiento de la marca 'Power Rangers'. Brands presentará la 18ª temporada de esta serie junto a MarVista, anfitriona del MIP Junior Networking Lunch. "Nos entusiasma tener este año a Brands en MIPCOM", comentó Elie Dekel, presidente de Saban Brands. "La televisión mundial viene a MIPCOM , donde podemos ver a nuestros socios y forjar nuevas alianzas. Y especialmente este año, al relanzar Power Rangers, no hay un mejor lugar para hacer negocios que en MIPCOM”.

Saban Brands returns to MIP and MIPCOM Junior with the international dealer Marvista Entertainment as part of the relaunch of the brand 'Power Rangers'. [Saban] Brands will present the 18th season of the series with Marvista, host of MIP Junior Networking Lunch. "We are excited to have [Saban] Brands this year at MIPCOM Brands," said Elie Dekel, president of Saban Brands. "The world comes to MIPCOM television, where we see our partners and forge new alliances. And especially this year, to re-launch Power Rangers, there's no better place to do business but here at MIPCOM."

TV Latina

Oh I just wanted to add that I told my best friend about Saban Brands acquiring Paul Frank and she was excited. She isn't a PR fan but she does take interest when I talk about it. She did find it mind boogling that PR is almost 20 years old, that it is great. Yes, I am also aware about the Saban Music library being acquired by another company. I don't want to talk about it yet.

New video on 10/4/10 of the 5 Rangers at Cannes:

Two Pictures from MIPCOM's Flickr Account:
(Dos Fotos de la cuenta de Flickr de MIPCOM)
Dice 'Nuevo Episodios en 2011.'

Foto del Ranger Verde Samurai al fondo.

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