Sunday, October 3, 2010

Poll Results: prs toys / xandred / nanashi / matrintis / bandai japan villain toys

Would you be disappointed if new PRS toys didn't come out this X-mas season?
Cool as a cucumber - 61 of 131

What do you think about the name Master Xandred for PRS?
Like it - 75 of 176

What do you think about the Matrintis of Goseiger?
Epic - 60 of 116

Shouldn't Bandai Japan Make toys of Villains?
Yes - 140

Do you think the minions of PRS should be called Nanashi?
Yes - 126 of 169

1 comment:

Luca said...

I'd be as cool as a cucumber because I usually don't buy toys, at least not for PR. And I love the name Xandred! Names with x's are the best. I have this joke that I'm going to name my sons Xeronyx, Rennix, and Exeron. I actually nave a nextdoor neighbor named Xander.