Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feminine and Masculine, two sides to the Females: Super Sentai

I read somewhere that people thought that when there is two female warriors in Super Sentai, that one is more feminine and one is a bit masculine. I want to look at each pairing to see if that is true. In most cases, it was not true, both were as equally feminine. Only in some rare cases, it was one feminine, one tomboy. Now when I say Masculine, I don't mean like the stereotype for lesbians, just tomboy, I never liked the name tomboy because it meant the girl was pretending to be a boy. Unlike what I did with Power Rangers, I am only covering the duos since there are so many.
Mika - More hard-driven
Hikaru - feminine
Jun - tougher

Tsubasa - tomboy
Nagisa - Feminine

Lou - has physical strength
Sara - Smart, seen as cold
MASKMANHaurka - forced to abandon girly, smart and tough
Momoko - strong, pure of heart

Kazumi - Brain
Remi - gymnast and dancer and Kung-fu, bad at housework

Ako - tomboy, bubbly, naive
Kaori - feminine, rich

Juri - tougher
Momo - Feminine

Yuoko - feminine
Natsumi - mechanic

Chisato - kind-hearted
Miku - cheery, sweet, hates school work

There was not a team with 2 females until 2004 (1997-2004).
Umeko - feminine, bubbly
Jasmine - tough, psychic
Swan - brains
Lisa - cold

Haruka - Girly, flaky
Urara - Shy, sweet
Miyuki - motherly, strong

Sakura - tough, cold, no smiling
Natsuki - sweet, cheerful

Saki - sweet, wanting to smile
Miu - tough, cold

Mako - strong, wanted to be a bride, bad cute
Kothoa - sweet, clumsy

Moune - sweet
Eri - sweet
Both as feminine.

UPDATED 6/18/12
Luka - masculine, tomboyish, rough but does like diamonds and jewelry and money like the social construct of femininity.
Ahim - Super feminine, the social convention was that women are demure and lady-like which Ahim is. But she did overcome it and became strong.

Yellow is the only girl and she is a tomboy.

Even though they are unofficial, Yellow is much more feminine than blue. Blue acts like a tomboy but does have a secret love for the feminine anime of Aoi.


Hallwings said...

On this blog entry... showed the female duos of Bioman, Changeman, Flashman, Maskman, and Fiveman under the categories of (and I used Google Translate for this) Kindness [idol] and Strength [action].

Have you look at that particular blog entry before?

KAT349 said...

I find it funny that sometimes Saban swaps the toughness and girly type because Ronny is a tomboy but Natsuki isn't. But sometimes they don't swap the toughness and girly type