Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poll Results: Favorite Power Ranger Season?

Favorite Saban Power Ranger Season
760 votes by 234 people
MMPR S1- 100 votes naturally

In Space - 97 votes of course

Time Force - comes in third with 87 votes

Lightspeed- 52 votes, Turbo originally had less votes but ended up with 61, making Lightspeed the least favorited season.

Favorite Disney Power Ranger Season
493 votes by 211 people
RPM - 109

Dino Thunder - 108, 1 vote close to RPM

SPD - 69 votes

Operation Overdrive - least votes at 33.


Marty said...

Surprise many people hated Lightspeed Rescue, I thought it was a great season.

Lavender Ranger said...

Well, it isn't that they hate it but everyone picked the others more.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't surprised by the poll. I knew those were gonna be the more popular ones.

Lavender Ranger said...

yeah it isn't that surprising.

Luca said...

Dino Thunder is my favorite Disney season, mostly because of Trent. Wild Force is the only Saban season that doesn't completely stink.

Unknown said...

I didn't hate "Lightspeed", just how stiff a lot of the acting was on the Rangers parts.