Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ultrawoman Amir

When I did a post on female Ultras for my Non Super Sentai Week, I kept seeing something about Ultragirl Amir and I couldn't find her. I had this book and looked through it and found her. She was of the Ultra Stars U40 in The Ultraman (1980) Anime.

Amir is Ultraman Jonias' sister, she can't become big, except in episode 31. The kanji for Amir sometimes incorrectly translates to dogfish in internet translation engines.

Here is Yullian, Mother of Ultra and Ultrawoman Beth toys. Funny enough, Ultrawoman Beth was from animated US-collaboration 'Ultraman: The Adventure Begins' and they made a costume of her for the meet and greets. It is strange since they did make a costume of Ultraman Jonias but not Ultrawoman Amir even though she was from a Japanese series.

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