Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Different Forms of the Power Rangers (How Many)

Fans joke that the Dragon Shield that Jason got after Tommy gave him the Dragon Coin was his own form of a primitive Battlizer. Once Tommy came back, Jason gave the coin back and he lost the shield. Tommy did once give his shield to Zack. In the third season, the sixth Rangers got Metallic Armor, which I've covered lots here and fans wished they used the suits form the movie. Recently in the toys Blue got the shield and Green got a super power up armor.
Red: 3
Green: 2 (technically)
White, Pink, Blue, Yellow: 2
Black: 3

Zeo Ranger V Red had one form. The other Rangers had one mode too.

The Red Ranger only had one form. The other Rangers had one mode too.

Power Rangers in Space
Andros had 2 forms: regular and Battlizer. All other Rangers had one mode.

Lost Galaxy
He had 3 forms: Regular, Lights of Orion armor and his Red Armored Battlizer. The other Rangers had 2 forms. Magna Defender had one mode.

Lightspeed Rescue
He had 2 forms, regular and the armored cycle. Blue and Green had their regular mode and Mega Battle. Pink, Yellow and Titanium had regular modes.
Red, Blue and Green: 2
Pink, Yellow and Titanium: 1

Time Force
He had two forms: Regular and his battlizer. Quantum Ranger had 2 forms: regular and his Mega Battle. All other Rangers had one form.

Wild Force
He had two forms: regular and his Animarium Armor. All other Rangers had one form.

Ninja Storm
He had 2 forms: regular and his Battlizer Armor.
All other Rangers had one form.

Dino Thunder
Connor is unique as he had 4 different forms: Regular, Super Dino Mode, Triassic and the Battlizer Armor. Yellow, Blue, Black and White had 2 modes each, regular and SDM.
Red: 4
Yellow, Blue, Black and White : 2

The Red SPD Ranger had 3 modes: Regular, SWAT and Battlizer. Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow had regular and SWAT. Shadow, Omega, Kat, Nova and the A-Squad Rangers only had 1 mode that we saw. In the toys, Shadow and Omega, got the SWAT armor.
Red: 3
Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow: 2

Mystic Force
Red Ranger was the first mode, Red Legendary Warrior was the second mode and Red Dragon Fire Ranger (battlizer) was the third. Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow had 2 modes. Solaris Knight, Wolf Knight and White Ranger had 1 mode only.
Red: 3
Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow: 2

Operation Overdrive Red Ranger had 2 forms: Regular and the Red Sentinel Ranger form. The other Rangers shared the Defender Vest, along with the Red Ranger. In Boukenger, Pink, Yellow and Silver had the armor as well, while in PROO, we only saw Blue, Red and Black use it.

Jungle Fury
Casey didn't get a battlizer but he got an armor when he rode his cycle. He also also a Master mode, making it that he had 3 modes. Yellow and Blue also had Master modes. Violet, White, Shark, Elephant and Bat Rangers only had 1 mode. Camille and Dai Shi/Jarrod had 2 forms.
Red: 1
Yellow and Blue: 2
Camile and Dai Shi: 2
Violet, White, Shark, Elephant and Bat: 1

All the Rangers only had one mode.

Upcoming for Power Rangers Samurai:
The male Red Ranger in Shinkenger has 3 modes: Regular, Super and Hyper (Hyper being in Red). The female Shinken Red that appear in a few episodes at the end showed her 2 modes: Regular and Super.

In a 20-minute special, Shinken Gold had the Hyper mode, we don't know if this will appear in the Power Rangers series unless Saban bought the footage.

Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green each had Super Modes, but they couldn't haven't all at once, they only had one device to power up. Maybe in PR, they will change that and will have new footage. Shinken Green was the only one in the series to use the Hyper mode other than the male Red.

Red, Green: 3
Blue, Pink, Yellow, Gold: 2

So the big question is will Saban Brands/Bandai America bring back the Battlizer? Will the Red Ranger have a Battlizer? If he does, will the female Red Ranger have it too? I just hope they don't use the Latern like an armor like R.I.C., Dragon and Sentinel Knight before it. In the toys, will Gold have the Super Armor? I am sure the three main male Rangers will get all 3 modes in the toys. It has me thinking, even if they make a female Red Ranger toy, I doubt they make one with a power-up, if they make Pink and Yellow in the super armor, it would be just as easy, but I doubt it, since we didn't get Rita.

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