Saturday, October 9, 2010

Heronie Profile: Kimberly Hart

I covered Tommy Oliver before, so here is Kimberly Hart, the other most remembered Power Ranger character or been most recognized Power Ranger all together. I am not going to talk too much about Amy Jo Johnson but the character of Kimberly.

Kimberly has always been thought of as a flaky valley girl, but in reality she was quite strong and resourceful (she landed a plane with Alpha's voice helping when her pilot uncle was drugged). She had to be pretty smart to know Sign-Language (she knew it to communicate with her friend Melissa in Season 1), it is not that easy--believe me because my sister is deaf. She also had to put up with her parents being divorced and her mother dating again. She always had her parents as her dream couple [evident by her mother's purse (from when they went on a date or their first date) she took on a date with Tommy].

She also loved Tommy very much, he was her first love and kiss. In season two, bubbly Kimberly had to deal with the loss of her boyfriend (when he lost his powers and moved away) and then to the shock that he was the new White Ranger and then the loss of three of her old friends. Kimberly then traveled to the past and had to play the leader to four ancestors of her teammates. In season 3, she was loosing her powers when Kat took her power coin and Kimberly was going through a reverse of Tommy and her when Tommy was loosing his Green Ranger powers.

She had to practice for the Pan Global Gymnastics something and Kat was suppose to get her hurt, she snapped out of a spell and she called for the hospital. Kim ended up in the hospital, Tommy called her mother in France--she re-married and Kim was accepted by Aisha's parents to live there with them. Kim went to the pan global thingy in Florida and gave her powers to Kat and then broke up with Tommy in Zeo with a Dear John letter. Amy Jo Johnson appeared in both movies, she was the Pink Ranger in the first movie and had a small part in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, in which she was kidnapped with Jason by Divatox.

She and Jason became evil for a little bit and Kim fought Kat saying "Pink is Out." She was the first Ranger to have a proper farewell. Fans liked that she returned but they wanted more resolution between Tommy and Kim. Kim is remembered as a vapid valley girl at first but I got to clarify that she was not a cheerleader, she did say she was one long ago (in the Lizzinator episode) but in her tenure as a Ranger, she never was a cheerleader. I think she was only vapid and self-absorbed in the first couple episodes, or if anything only in the first episode. I mean, in the third episode, she was number one helping Trini in helping the environment and getting rid of a toxic waste dump. In fact, in the fifth episode, she cared about her deaf friend and was not self-absorbed, like mentioned before. Sure she said 'eww' from time to time, but it doesn't dis-value her intelligence.

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Raoni Ferreira said...

Great post! Kimberly is my fave hero of all time and I really loved this article. She was full of energy and easily the best female Ranger in the history of the show.