Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feminine and Masculine, two sides to the Females: Power Rangers

I read somewhere that people thought that when there is two female Power Rangers, that one is more feminine and one is a bit masculine. I want to look at each pairing (even non pairing) to see if that is true. In most cases, it was not true, both were as equally feminine. Only in some rare cases, it was one feminine, one tomboy. Now when I say Masculine, I don't mean like the stereotype for lesbians, just tomboy, I never liked the name tomboy because it meant the girl was pretending to be a boy.
Kimberly - Feminine
Trini - Feminine too, she wasn't necessarily a tomboy.

Kimberly - Feminine
Aisha - A bit more of a tomboy than Trini and Kim.

Aisha - Feminine
Katherine - Feminine, evil once

ZEO Katherine - Feminine
Tanya - Feminine, not much a difference from Kat, only she was more naive and fish out of water.

Ashley - Feminine, actually a cheerleader--Kim was never one.
Cassie - A little Tomboy-ish, more punkish

Kendrix - Brains, science
Maya - Nature, feelings
Karone - Former evil, Feminine

Kelsey - Masculine, way more tomboy than any female Ranger
Dana - Feminine, nurse

TIME FORCEJen - tough as nails--both were not super feminine, but not overly tomboy.
Katie - strong, loves to hug

WILD FORCETaylor - tough, strong-willed
Alyssa - feminine, nurturing, optimistic
Tori - had to be the only girl, not overly feminine.
Kira - only girl, more rocker; Cassidy was more feminine. She once became like her in one episode.
SPDZ - not a tomboy, but as super feminine as Syd, she had more of a Laina attitude.
Syd - super feminine, very into pink, stuff animals, etc.

V - Rocker, DJ, tough
Madison - Sweeter, shyer

Rose - Brains, scientific
Ronny - Tomboy, racer

Lily - Was only female, she was in the middle of feminine and masculine
Fran - shy, book reader
Camille - tough, evil

Summer - used to be shallow and feminine, now a bit tomboyish
Gema - Likes the 'boom', does like drawing rainbows and butterflies

UPDATED 6/18/12
Mia - Feminine, 'big sister', Can't cook-supposedly un-feminine but that is just a social convention. Lack of cooking skill doesn't make you less a woman.
Emily - Feminine, 'little sister,' when she gains confidence and 'trains' Bulk and Spike, she gains a 'masculine' authoritative persona. I say 'masculine' in quotes to say the traditionally socially-acceptable role.


Luca said...

I remember I kept waiting for Cassidy to be a pink ranger (and maybe for Devon to be green), but she never did. I guess I just didn't understand the concept of comic relief characters back then (although it probably had to do with some toys I saw at a fast food place that covered more colors than just the ones used in DT)

Unknown said...

What about Samurai and Super Samurai?

Lavender Ranger said...

Look at the date. This was before.

Emily and mia are both feminine. But there is so many issues with mia not being a good cook.

Lavender Ranger said...
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KAT349 said...

When power rangers dino charge comes you can do a tomboy/feminine about them. Also Gia-tomboy and Emma-feminine.