Saturday, November 26, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai - Clash of the Red Rangers

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The promo aired on Nick Saturday morning November 26, a mere six or five hours before the special aired.

A narrator explains about the RPM Rangers being in another dimension and we see giant Professor Cog against the RPM Ultrazord. They take down Professor, he says he is not out. The SkyRev Megazord goes down. They hit in his magnet shield. Red says he will track him down. He says he'll go to another dimension a he will destroy two worlds. We see a special opening, with clips from the special itself with RPM Red and the Samurai Rangers and Shark Attack mode. Antonio is not in the opening. The title is 'Clash of the Red Rangers' The Movie. A train arrives with Professor Cog and the Grinders. He wonders how to go to the Netherworld. The five Samurai Rangers arrive in the city morphed and a building explodes. A nighlok monster says 'zip zip' and he says he is a twister wrapped with a shark, named Shark Jaw. Gold Ranger arrives and fights the monster. Professor cog watches this, amazed that there is more Rangers around. Shark Jaw leaves as he is drying. Shark Jaw arrives on the ship where the Nighlok Serator is giving a drink to Xandred. General Gut has an army of Moogers. Shark jaw refreshes and leaves.

Professor Cog enters a gap to the Sanzu ship. He wants the Sanzu Water to poison his people in his dimension, saying he can defeat the Samurai Rangers. Xandred thinks about it. Meanwhile at the train station, Red booted feet gets off the train. The Rangers are eating ice cream, except for Kevin, Mike makes fun of Kevin. A car crashes in front of them. They run up to the bridge. The Red foot goes to the car and turns it off. Grinders are attacking on the bridge, the Rangers recognize them as robots and they transform and fight. The Rangers talk and fight, commenting on the Grinders, how they look like they have armors. A blast takes down Grinders around Jayden. Ranger Red appears, shocking the others. He flips and shoots and fight the Grinders. Emily thinks he's a Samurai Ranger. Mia says hes no samurai. Scott finishes off the Grinders. The Samurais de-morphs and Scott explains they are from another dimension, he introduce himself as Scott, saying he has his reasons not to de-morph. Emily and Mia go on his side and drag him to the headquarters, while the boys are not sure. Scott sees Jii's bike as they enter the house, saying he thought they had horses. Scott says he is hunter Professor Cog. He says he doesn't know if he can breathe the air here because he lives in a dome. Jayden gives him a spare room.

Xandred gives Professor Cog a Sergeant Tread Nighlok. Grinders target Antonio (in shadow, maybe Steven Stryker was out of town). Antonio becomes Gold Ranger and fights the Grinders. Back at the house, Mike offers Scott food but he doesn't respond. Mike says next time Mia cooks, he will wear his helmet. Scott takes Jii's bike. Grinders fight Gold Ranger and Ranger Red arrives. We see Genta's sushi cart because it is from the footage. The Professor Cog arrives and Ranger Red fights them. Gold Ranger and the other Samurais arrive. Scott and Jayden get hit by Hypno Bolts and a vortex is sent toward them and the five Samurai Rangers block it. The five (Gold, Blue, Pink, Yellow and Green) are sent to Ranger Red's dimension.

Part 2
Jayden enter the house, upset at Scott, Scott says it is their (Mia, Emily, Kevin, Mike and Antonio) fault are in another dimension. Jii and Jayden see a map that it is full of Grinders. Scott says it is a piece of cake for him. Jayden morphs and gets on his horse. Scott hops on Jii's bike. Jii says, 'not again.' Jayden and Scott race to where the baddies are at through the forest. Jayden gets there first, fighting the Grinders and Moogers. Scott is mad, saying it is his fight alone and points his Nitro Blaster at Jayden. Professor Cog says the posion made them into enemies, that it is better than he thought. They two have a stand still standoff. Scott starts blasting and Jayden blocks with the Grinders. Jayden says he doesn't want to hurt him. They battle it out. Scott shoots bullets at Jayden a Jayden throws his sword, both being hit at the same time, getting rid of the bolts. Scott had given him a RPM shield necklace and Jayden gave Scott a symbol power. Jii noticed they were hating each other and figured out a symbol power to work on the poison, effecting both.

The Rangers fight the Nighlok. Grinders become bikes and the Moogers get on the bikes. One Grinder remains regulr and the Mooger piggyback rides, like in Shinkenger vs Go-Onger, well, it is the footage. Jayden makes a car and Scott drives it and Jayden takes down Moogers. Jayden and Scott race away from the new Nighlok. Scott gives Jayden his Nitro Blaster and he shoots the Nighlok. Professor Cog arrives and shoots at them. Jayden gives Scott a disc, Shark Attack Mode, Scott dons a red vested cloth armor (Hyper mode for fans). Jayden goes to Super Mode. A portal opens and the five Rangers arrive. Emily says Scott's team says 'hi.' The two destroy Professor Cog and the Nighlok. Scott and Jayden power down from their power-up and giant moogers and regular moogers are around them.

Behind the Moogers, there is a new Nighlok General Gut that tells them to charge. The five call for their 'war horses' and race towards the Moogers. Gold Ranger enters the car and Ranger Red drives. The five do a small roll-call. Jayden fights the fat general. Scott's car is stalling so Scott and Antonio get out of the car and fight. Jayden gets beaten down. Jayden goes to Shark Mode and says to meet the Shark Sword. Jayden slices and dices the Moogers down with his Sword, even around RPM and Gold. The five Samurai Rangers destroy General Gut. General Gut does grow giant, while the Sargaent guy didn't. They become Battle Wing Megazord, Jayden has his Shark Attack Mega Mode. General Gut powers up and powers down the Megazord. Scott and Antonio fix their car. Jayden uses the Shark Sword in the Megazord, the sword goes free and bites off the super serprent. They form the Megazord and destroy the general. Candred complains to Octoroo of the failures. Mike goes to Ranger Rpm, wishes he could see him face to face, he tells him good luck with Emily, he says he sees the 'way she looks at you.' Kevin asks what Scott said. Mike says that Scott opened his eyes. Mike jumps in the air after she smiles at him.

Much better than I thought. I am glad they include lots of stuff from RPM, story-wise. Nice excuse as to not having Scott show his face--about the oxygen. But it is Scott's voice, Eka Derville, and he does some good acting voice wise, with expressions and nuisances. Surprise they mixed in the Shinkenger movie footage, it seems to come out of nowhere. That out of nowhere, there is a Mooger army and the Grinders somehow gone. It is obvious there is a shift tone as we see less of Scott. It felt like lipservice when Emily said, "Your team says hi." that we didn't get to see the Samurai rangers meet the RPM Rangers. For some reason, Antonio doesn't appear out of suit and no Bulk and Spike. Also, this episode seems to take place after Antonio gets the lantern thing, Jayden gets super mode, and that Nighlok Serrator (the one who made Dayu) comes, which I am not sure all of those things have been named. But with what it is, it is pretty good episodes. I dare say they are the best Samurai episodes, Party Monsters coming at number 3. Even though it wasn't advertised, it felt like a special, it was shot in a manner to match the footage, with a 'movie'-like quality. I also liked the ending, it was sweet. Scott really changed things around. Without Bulk and Spike, it is unnoticeable, the two episodes flowed better for me, not that I am saying they aren't missed and they shouldn't be in every episode, but for this two-parter, they weren't needed.

The credits say that the Gold Ranger's voice was done by Jeremy Birchall and Tobias Reiss did RPM Red, but I think it is a fake name adopted by Eka Darville. I think the reason we didn't see Bulk, Spike and Steven Skyler as Antonio was because of money. They didn't have money to even get the RPM cast. I think this was indeed a special, that they had money allocated to pay a certain amount of people. Also, to get footage of Shinkenger VS Go-Onger and the Shinkenger Movie costs money, so probably that got sunk in and probably why they used footage from Episode 36.


Dessa said...

Okay, so, I know that the white vest super mode shows up later in Shinkenger, but does the red shark one show up, too?

Also... I wonder how many kids are trying to figure out where the Super Mode came from.

Finally, watching this, I'm actually wondering if PR's Gokaiger adaptation (if it happens) might use idea that train and go the Decade/Den-O route and have them going through time/dimensions to get the powers. Since "other dimensions" is an easy explanation for why there's "new" teams that haven't been seen before, and traveling through time can explain multiples of the same character. And the train could be how everyone got to the Legendary War.

LUKE said...

well, I am waiting for this Power Rangers Samurai torrent before saying anything; I haven't watch it thou...hope somebody upload the torrent faster

animemaster9009 said...

Personally I didn't think this crossover wasn't going to be that good and it looks like Saban made it worse than what I could possibly imagine. This whole team-up was just a complete mess.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I went in expecting to be disappointed, but by the end I concluded that it was okay. I do understand the cost in action and casting, so things that we didn't get to see were understandable.

I'm on the same page with you about the ending, the Mooger army and General Gut (awesome alliteration!) don't get enough screen time to be established as a real threat. But they had to make a new ending so they used Shrikenger footage that introduces a new toy and everyone's back in business.

The additional action scenes and movie style production values of the Sentai footage are this episode's saving grace for sure.

The only thing I think that could have been done reasonably better is the explanation for Scott not demorphing. I think it would have made more sense if it were something like he wasn't sure if he could morph back since he didn't have contact with Dr. K to recharge his morpher or something like that, but then again they did try to downplay the continuity references so as not to confuse new "Samurai" viewers.

All in all I can't be too harsh. RPM is a tough animal wrangle into another Ranger series so I suppose they did there best with what they had. Hopefully this will open doors for future team ups with better ad campaigns at the very least!

Lavender Ranger said...

animemaster, no disrespect intended but at least they didn't recast everyone. They were very careful not to 'mess' too much with RPM. So what if the whole team wasn't there? There were limits, we don't know what they were, but those limits were crystal clear. Operating under those limits, it was two great episodes, I loved it, it was brilliant and kept the spirit of RPM---the Samurai Rangers got a wakeup call.

Unknown said...

Disappointed! Far 2 inconsistent for my liking. How are they gonna explain the sudden appearance and disappearance of the super mode n the 'shark' never mind daigoyou?

Lavender Ranger said...

Okay, we all understand that this episode did not take place after "Ultimate Duel" and takes place way later right?

Unknown said...

One question how did Scott use the shark attack disc