Monday, November 21, 2011

New 'Spring line' of Power Rangers Samurai includes Super Mode

Thanks to LordZedd08; Sebase, Jangonate on Rangerboard and Power Rangers Samurai fan facebook. Alert: I do not own any of these nor are any of these my pictures.

Super Samurai Green Ranger

Pink Samurai Ranger (Finally!)

Yellow Samurai Ranger (Finally!)

Master Xandred

Blue Super Samurai Ranger

Red Super Samurai Ranger

Following pictures from LordZedd08 at Rangerboard:
Shark Zord with Shark Attack Ranger (comes with Alex Heartman's Jayden likeness)

Kyoryu Origami was based on the Sauropoda (a dinosaur) in Shinkenger, it looks like Shark Attack Ranger will appear in PRS.


Lordzedd08 again:
Swordfish, Beetle, and Tigerzords are re-release with actor's likenesses.
Armor Morphin Rangers

Mini Cycles, he found these at CVS Pharmacy

Following photos from Toys R

So far only Red and Blue, I am glad these are being released, I wanted to get an old one for my 2 year-old nephew for Christmas, I am glad they are being made!

These came out last week, thanks to PRS facebook page:
Blue, Green, Red, Pink, & Yellow Rangers; Antberry, Desparino, Negatron and Yamiror.

Yellow, Pink, Gold, Green, Blue and Red Rangers; ?? (Nakinakite? Xandred?) and Madimot and Mike

Steelo, Tooyain, Deker, Dayu, Octoroo, and Rofer; Mia, Kevin and Jayden.


animemaster9009 said...

does anyone besides me starting to think that samurai is moving too fast now?

Lunar said...

Why is there no reissue of ika origami/squid zord?

UKtoyhunter said...

will these come to the uk? I'm getting the feeling that they won't

Lavender Ranger said...

Ukth, I have no clue. My guess is yes. Don't you guys get stuff later anyway?