Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gokaiger 40 and 41 Preview

Domon's hologram comes out of his badge

Gai uses the Black Knight (Kuro Kishi) key to use this special attack:

 The Gokaiger take a picture with the boy and his mom, she might look familiar...

Thanks to xzomega. It seems that Ninjaman wasn't in the Legendary War hence no key. We will see how this develops in the Kakuranger tribute episode, which hasn't been officially announced, it might be episode 43 or 44.

 In the future, Domon gets a  letter from Gai with the picture of his love and their son, he cries.

I loved Timeranger and this was a great shout-out to fans. When I saw the last ep and found out that Domon's girlfriend had a baby, I thought it was unfair to the baby that he would never see his dad but I was intrigued by his existence. So when I found out Gai had to be with this kid, I made the connection and hope the rumor was true. It was really great and touching.

Episode 41:

Pink Charge!

Ahim focus ep, it seems she transforms into Go-On Silver and Kuwagata Raijer with an unknown male partner, I also saw her as Hime Shinken Red. So maybe she is male-female duos because she also becomes DekaSwan and the other guy becomes Deka Master, so most likely we will see both Shinken Reds in this episode. My guess is each male partners with her, like Joe/Blue is DekaMaster, Gai/Silver is Go-On Gold, Don/Green is Kabuto, and Marvelous/Red is ShinkenRed.


lionel_B said...

I wish Shinkenred Raij and Kabuto are Marvelous, and Go-onGold and Dekamaster are Gai.

Dessa said...

This episode was really good. Not my favorite, but I still really enjoyed it.

I do think that you miss a lot not knowing TimeRanger. I was giving running commentary to someone who explained the significance for me.

Nerdy Writer said...

can't wait till the sub becomes availible on youtube.
i think the unknown ranger might be Marv.
kinda wondering how important Ninjaman is to the Gokaigers if Domon had to send them back to the Shinkenger vs. Goseiger period instead of informing the other two teams.

LUKE said...

GokaiSliver at last use his final wave but nt powerful lolz...well, Toei is trying to tell us the reason why Gai didn't use his Final wave for a long time XD

Nerdy Writer said...

just finished watching the subbed version and thought it was good despite never having Seen Timeranger or Shinkenger vs. Goseiger.
the ending was pretty sad but happy at the same time.
everyone's reactions when Navi asked what power they got was priceless.
can't wait to see what Ninjaman will do.
Battle Fever i'm betting will be their robo since it was the very first robo ever.
kinda funny how the final claimed power will be the very first season that was called Super Sentai.