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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 Monsters in Merchandise

UPDATED 8/7/18
As I covered which monsters of PRs are in merchandise, now I decided to do the arduous task to cover all the monsters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that were merchandise. Let me know anything I missed.

King Sphinx
Aruguably the most covered monster, right next to Goldar, who I consider a general and not a monster.
According to, he had around 3 collector cards and a milk cap, all illustrations. He also had a Bandai Spin Fighter.
King Sphinx had 5 toys: 8 inch figure, a PVC figurine, a figure in Micro Machines and Tomy AFX race set sold in Canada. Another figure (not pictured) came in a set with Rita, Squatt, Goldar and others. He also appeared in the Gameboy and Game Gear video games.

Also in 2017 a Imaginext figure with Scorpina. Also in 2017 PS4 Mega Battle game. 

He had a 8 inch figure and a Spin Fighter. He appeared in the original SNES game.

Pudgy Pig
He got one 5.5 inch figure, 8 inch, 3 cards and a milk cap.
 Then in 2018, Funko Pop Vinyl figure and figure in Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid tabletop game.

Eye Guy
He had a 5.5 inch figure, 2 cards, a milk cap and one of those spinny glittery Bandai disc thingies, the Metal Diecast Spin Fighters. He appears in the first video game (for SNES)

Chunky Chicken
He had 3 cards and a milk cap.

He had 2 cards and a milk cap and Game Gear video game.

Gnarly Gnome
He had 2 cards and a milk cap. He appears in the first video game (for SNES.)
He had a 5.5 tall figure and 1 card.

Three cards and Milkcap.

Mighty Minotaur 
Had a 5.5 tall figure. He appeared in the Sega Genesis video game.

Had a Spin Fighter.

Knasty Knight
A 5.5 tall figure and appeared in Game Gear video game.

Frankenstein had 2 kind of cards repeated to make 8.

Madam Woe
4 cards of the same photo.
She will appear in 2018 tabletop game Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid. 

He has a Spin Fighter called Knight in Shining Armor. He appears in the first video game (for SNES, and Game Gear.)

Called Thornus in Spin Fighter, he was going to have a 5.5' figure but never made. He appears in the first video game (for SNES, Genesis, etc.)

He had a Spin Fighter and Game Gear video game.

Spit Flower
He had a card but in correctly called Terror Toad. There is four versions of this.

Incorrectly called 'Hatchling' in the Spin Fighters.
Hatchasaurus in PS4 Mega Battle game. 

Dark Warrior and Genie appear in the SNES video game. 

The monsters (that were in season 1 and were adapted from Zyuranger, so I don't mean Goofish!) that seemed not to be in merchandise were (and you can correct me) Babe Ruthless, Fang, Cyclops, Babe Ruthless, Goatan, Octoplant, Spidertron, Rockstar, Samurai Fan Man, and Scorpina's worm.

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Darren said...

Pudgy Pig never had an 8 inch figure. What you see there was the 5.5 inch figure, inside a European box.