Friday, November 25, 2011

Ethnicities of Actor Vs. Character

UPDATED 9/4/14
This might be wrong and if corrected, will take a while. I decided to compare where the actors were actually from, their ethnicities, compared to what they played on the show.

Here is my insane 'troll logic,' where I put 'white' for short instead of Caucasian. Now, this could also mean other ethnicties other than just 'white' like Italian or German or whatever. AND I know that 'Latino' is white, so for 'White' I mean non-Hispanic. And where you go to New Zealand and Australia, I split the actor up by where they were born and their ethnicity, hence the stars unless other wise indicated, like MMPR or Samurai, where there were different actors.

For example, Antonio of PRS is really Asian/German in real life and not Hispanic. 'Rose' is Filipino-English and Will is black and from England. Gem of RPM is from New Zealand of Asian decent. Flynn of RPM isn't really Scottish, he's from New Zealand. Nick is from Australia but of Iran/Middle Eastern decent. And the list goes on and on. There is plenty of more I missed to mention here but I am tired and I am sure plenty of people will post comments. Also, I put 4 under Zeo for Gold Ranger for Austin St. John and the triplets that played Trey. Oops, I forgot Aquitar, I'll add them later today.
As for Megaforce, the real cast's ethnicities are Red - Spanish/Native-American, Pink - Filipino-American, Blue - African-American/Brazilian, Black/Green - Egyptian-American, Yellow - Caucasian, Silver - Caucasian but their characters are non-specific.
Dino Charge's real cast ethnicities are Red - Latino, Black - New Zealand, Blue - Indonesian, Pink - African-American, Green - Caucasian.


0net0nr0b0 said...

Since you are talking about the subject of ethnicity and diversity, I would like to get your opinion on the fact that power rangers has gone on for nine straight seasons without a black female character as part of the main cast. Do you think the producers have been intentionally keeping a black female character off the core main group for several seasons for whatever reason, or do you think it was the lack of capable black actresses unable to fill that role? Also, with Saban back at helm, do you think will see a black female power ranger in future seasons after Power Rangers: Samurai or do you think its possible that power rangers will end its run without ever including a black female power ranger again?

Lavender Ranger said...

good question, think it has to do with stunt people. Since most of the stunt women are Asian or white, they don't want to do 'black face' which they have done a lot in Sentai for stunts but we barely notice. Other than that, I don't think its a super-conscious effort like a spoken rules, maybe an unspoken rule. In Wild Force it is a fact that the Stunt Coordinator wanted an Asian White Ranger to match his wife, the stuntwoman. And if you notice, other than Syd, most pink rangers have been hispanic or asian these days.