Friday, November 25, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Monsters in Digital media and Merchandise

Like the monsters back in the day of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the monsters of Power Rangers Samurai appear in merchandise. Here I catalog which ones, let me know which ones I missed---like always, right?!

 Tooyain of "Origins Part 1" and "Monster Party" appears in the Wii Power Rangers Samurai game, Squinkies, and the game.

Scorpionic appears in the Wii/DSi game and the game.

Roofer appears on, Wii/DSi game, Squinkies and Samurai Samsh iPhone game.

 Dreadhead appears on the and Wii/DSi game,and maybe something else.

 Yamiror, even though he stinks, appears on Squinkies, the video game and the Samurai Smash game app.

Negatron appears in Samurai Smash app and Squinkies figure.

Robtish appears in the Wii/DSi game, the game, other media.

Madimot has a Squinkies figure.

Desparino has a Squinkies figure.  He also has an Action Card Game (ACG) card.

Vulpes appears in the game and other media.

Steelo has a Squinkies figure. He also has an Action Card Game (ACG) card.
Antberry has a Squinkies figure.

Arachnitor appears in the Wii/DSi game, and the game.

Duplicator has his Japanese name Dokurobou in the game.

Fiera was given her Japanese name Yomotsugari in the game. She is probably there because she is the only female monster.

Armadeevil has his original Japanese name Marigomori on the game.

Squinkies, thanks to PRS facebook page:
Antberry, Desparino, Negatron and Yamiror.

 ?? (Nakinakite? Xandred?) and Madimot

Steelo, Tooyain, Deker, Dayu, Octoroo, and Rofer


ikkimon said...

Yamirror is in the iPhone app.

Unknown said...

This site is too good .There are great collection of games. But I like power rangers games. this is my favorite game......