Friday, November 25, 2011

Gokaiger new Magazine pics: Two Shinken Reds!

 Gokai Red as Shinken Red and Gokai Pink as Hime Shinken Red


 Close-up: Gavan saved Marvelous as a kid.

 Gavan vs. Gavan Bootleg

Episode 40: Domon lets the Gokaiger travel back in time to Goseiger vs. Shinkenger.

 Damaras revenge!

All the Gokai Machines; don't know what ep.

Basco has the Fiveman and Sun Vulcan powers.

Six Red: Time Fire, MagiRed, OhRed, AkaRanger, Red Racer and Hime Shinken Red; rumored to be in Gokaiger vs. Gavan.


Unknown said...

The other power is the Sun Vulcan one.

GingaBlue said...

Basco have Fiveman and Sun Vulcan's great power ;)

lionel_B said...

I have a feeling it will fly as the power of their Kakurangers episode.

Otherwise, the final image, with the dream team Time Fire MagiRed, OhRed, AkaRanger, Red Racer and Hime Shinken Red, comes from the film "Gokaiger VS Gavan"

There is also a rumor that says the end of the series, all Gokaigers be defeated by the final boss, except Marvelous. AkaRed, OhRed, MegaRed, Red Racer, GaoRed, HurricaneRed, DekaRed, MagiRed, GekiRed and Go-On Red return in flesh and blood to help the final battle.

Drunken Lemur said...

Hey, Luka could be just using regular ShinkenRed in that last image. Though I am curious as to how the Goseigers cameo'd in Shinkenger vs Go-Onger now. I suppose they already had their powers though, since GoseiGreen had his.

Dessa said...

For the first image (Shinken Red/Hime Shinken Red), I think it's probably from episode 41, Ahim's rumored backstory. The enemy they're fighting looks similar in design to the Sugormin/Dogormin, and the rumors say it's the Emperor's Generals who took down her planet.

The page where Ahim's holding the wanted poster looks to be from that episode as well, since it looks like it could be her meeting the team (I'm assuming the cut-away in the fold is likely her family). Of note, however, is that while on the left page it shows a shot from when each of them joined the crew, it doesn't for Hakase. Likely them hiding his past until the episode airs.

I'm thinking Giant Damaras/Damaras Mech is probably from either 42 (rumored that he's in a bad position for letting Warz die) or 43 (if Marvelous is gonna be executed, he may free him so that he can defeat him "his way" or in "honorable battle"). Either that, or further, but the rumors seem to indicate to me that they're tying up the Warz/Barizorg/Damaras storylines, and leaving the ending to be the Emperor and Basco.

I'm not sure I'd call MagiDragon, Furaimaru, GaoLion, and PatStriker "Gokai Machines", since the websites list them under Gokai-Oh's information, and the individual 6 vehicles under "Gokai Machine". Maybe call them Allies or something like that?

And to Drunken Lemur, the image actually names her as "Otome (Female) Shinken Red", which is the same as in the (barely readable) first image, where Ahim uses it ("Pink ga Otome Shinken Red ni,..."). So I'd say it's not the regular Key.

Speaking of "Otome" vs. "Hime", has there been official sources using "Hime" to specify the Key? I've never paid attention before now to the kanji being used, so I'm curious as to if both have been used, or if "Hime" is just the term fans have used.

KR ShinkenRed said...

@ Drunken Lemur

Honestly the biggest problem with continuity in that scene was caused by later developments with Goseiger, though I reckon it just makes more sense for them to have had their powers and Magis is off doing something. Alata does know of the Shinkengers in Goseiger vs Shinkenger, which already gave us evidence for that scene happening,.

Nerdy Writer said...

i'm wondering how they'll get the greater powers from Basco since they can barely beat him.
now it's going to be tricky figuring out if someone is using the Hime key or the regular. am wondering what would happen if the guys used the Hime key though along with the other feminine bangai keys since Zuuban didn't become a female version.

Lavender Ranger said...

Douglas, I agree with the logic of what you are saying, I understand about the keys but I think you can gender change but I don't think Toei wants that much of 'poking holes.' I think its just for fun. The point of the Hime Shinken Red I see realistically in Toei's stand-point is just to show off the first female red ranger, regardless that she has the same powers of her male counterpart. I don't think we will ever see a male Gokai use the Hime Shinken Red key. I think the highlight of the keys is exactly whats going to happen in Ep 41---Shinken Red and Hime Shinken Red AT THE SAME TIME which we have never seen before.

And as for Zuuban, it goes with the Dekaranger/Changeman, etc. logic that if the females didn't have skirts to begin with, then when they gender change, the suit wont have a skirt. Since Zuuban has no team counterpart, it remains the same, also I see Zuuban as genderless, it was just an it, not really a he or she. I don't think he can reproduce. He sounded male, but again, poking holes. So I don't think we will see gender-changing Extra Heroes because that is too much hole-poking. Plus, there is no way to gender change Rio, Mele, Wolzard, Kuro Kishi, DekaMaster and DekaSwan. I can kind of see Magimother and Signalman gender-changing but I don't think it'll happen.