Sunday, September 19, 2010

Human Tackle: The prototype Female Kamen Rider?

Yuriko Misaki/Electro-Wave Human Tackle is a modified human just like the titular Kamen Rider Stronger in his series back in 1973. She worked a bit as Stronger's sidekick and in due course she fell in love with him. She sacrificed herself to save Shigeru from being poisoned by Doctor Kate. In Kamen Rider Spirits manga, Despite Misaki being dead, her story is continued to be told through Shigeru Jo's flashbacks of her. He ends up at Tackle's shrine, where he remembers why she was never given the Kamen Rider tile---because she had already fought enough, and now, she was a 'normal' woman. At first I was insulted by this when I first read that, but I realize they meant she was just a normal person in the end. I think what bothered me was the 'she fought enough,' when can you 'fight enough' in the Kamen Rider world?

The Tentoroh is Human Tackle's motorcycle. This now looks a bit like a Leopard, but it is supposed to be based ona lady bug, like her suit. Maybe because it is yellow, it would be better if it was red.

There is quite a bit of Human Tackle toys, even one part of the Girls in Uniform: Kamen RIder Edition, I'm not going to have them all in this post, but just to show how 'beloved' she is I suppose.

Recently in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Double & Decade: Movie Wars 2010, she serves as Tsukasa's "Guardian Angel". She fights the army of Riotroopers by herself and protects Natsumi from Bee Woman. Despite having the civilian identity of Yuriko Misaki, it's implied she is an A.R. World Tackle by Alice Hirose.

In Decade's World of Net short titled, "Petition! Kamen Rider Tackle!!", the history of female Kamen Riders are highlighted. Natsumi is insulted to find out there is only '2' female Riders, they only mentioned Femme and Larc and did not include Shuki or Amaki. Funny enough she is told she met Larc in Diend World, but they met Amaki way eariler than that, in the Hibiki World.

In the short, Stronger arrives requesting the title of Kamen Rider be given to Tackle, its disputed if she is a Kamen Rider or not by mysterious Narutaki---who says she isn't a Rider because her face is exposed but then it is clarified that Riderman has his face exposed and that he is considered an official Kamen Rider (I like that this point is stated upon). Tsukasa and Natsumi go with Stronger to petition for Tackle, only to discover that she is already the head of the division of Toei that declares heroes Kamen Riders---which doesn't clarify if she has been officially declared or not. I don't think Alice Hirose was used for this short.


Chynna Moore said...

I just watched that clip with Dr. Kate recently. So subs, but I definitely got the point of it. I always thought that villain looked like a big red stick of broccoli to me. ;)

Luca said...

Nobody would tell me why she wasn't a rider until now, so I came up with jokes like "her epidermis is showing", or "she's a Honey", but I still consider her a rider.