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Kamen Rider Motorcycles - Heisei Era

Motorcycles are very essential to Kamen Rider, even thoug they are not as focused on in Heisei Era as they were in the Showa Era, cycles are still part of the DNA of the Kamen Riders. I am only covering the motorcycles.

TryChaser 2000/BeatChaser 2000
The TryChaser 2000 (TRCS 2000) is Kuuga's personal bike. A new model of police motorcycle. BeatChaser 2000 is an upgraded model of the TryChaser 2000 that was designed specifically for Kuuga.

/BeatGouram/Rising BeatGouram
When the Gouram finally finds Kuuga, it attaches itself to the TRCS 2000 as armor to become the TryGouram. The Beat Gouram is much like the Try Goram as it is the combination of the BeatChaser 2000 and the Gouram. The BeatGouram, which is a combo of the BeatChase 2000 and Gouram, it is later enhanced by Kuuga's Golden Power to become the Rising BeatGouram.

The Machine Tornader is Agito's motorcycle that can transform into a hovercraft for him to surf on.
Guard Chaser
G3's motorcycle which stores his primary weapons, based upon the designs of Kuuga's TryGouram/Beat Gouram bikes.

Gills Raider
Gill's personal motorcycle which changes along with him under the power of the Meta Factor.

Dark Hopper
An alternate form of his Honda XR250 bike under the power of the Ank Point for Another Agito.

Rider Shooter
All the Riders in Ryuki used this to go to the Mirror World.

A red mechanical dragon that Kamen Rider Ryuki has made a contract with and it becomes like this with the Survive Card. It can transform into a motorcycle.
Black Raider
A giant mechanical bat that Kamen Rider Knight has made a contract with and it becomes like this with the Survive Card. It can transform into a motorcycle.

Alternative Zero's Psycorogue could transform into a motorcycle called the Psycoroader.

Auto Vajin / SB-555V
The Auto Vajin is Faiz's personal support mecha and it is designated 'SB-555V.' It transforms from a Smart Brain motorcycle.I t can drive by itself in this form and reverts to this form when it is significantly damaged.

Side Basshar / SB-913V
The SB-913V Side Basshar is Kaixa's support mecha, and can transform into either a sidecar-type motorcycle in Vehicle Mode or a bipedal battle Mech in Battle Mode.

Gyro Attacker / SB-RT-V
RiotTrooper's Bikes.

Blue Spader
The Blue Spader is a motorbike developed by B.O.A.R.D. specifically designed to the aspects of Kamen Rider Blade's Rider System. The Blue Spader is fitted with limited Rouzer technology.

Red Rhombus
The Red Rhombus is a motorbike developed by B.O.A.R.D. specifically designed to the aspects of Garren's Rider System.

Shadow Chaser
The Shadow Chaser is Chalice's personal motorbike. Normally in the form of a Honda XR250 motorbike, only upon transformations does the Shadow Chaser appear.

Green Clover
The Green Clover is a bike of the Leangle Rider System. It has limited Rouzer capability. This feature allows the Rider to further augment certain aspects of the bike's performance levels.

Gaika ("Victory Fire")
Hibiki's HONDA Valkyrie Rune

The Tatsumaki (Tornado) is Kamen Rider Ibuki's Honda Shadow.

Kabuto Extender
Kabuto Extender Bike is for Kabuto, capable of switching between two performance modes. The Kabuto Extender is a Honda CBR1000RR.

Gatack Extender
Gatack Extender Special bike designed for Gatack, it has two modes. In the Ex Mode configuration, the bike becomes a surfboard-like vehicle. The Kabuto Extender does the Extend Rider Drop finisher can be done. Tossed into the air off the Kabuto Extender's EX Anchor, the Gatack Extender is then driven into the enemy from above by Gatack's kick.

Machine Zectron
Machine Zectron standard-issue bikes for each Rider; mass produced by ZECT. Zectron Pinch is the standard weapon equipped to the bike.

Machine DenBird
Den-O's personal Honda XR250 bike that is able to launch from the DenLiner. Although Ryotaro never uses it as a mean of transportation, the Taros would sometimes use it while possessing his body.

The Machine GaohStriker is Gaoh's personal motorcycle that he uses to pilot the GaohLiner.

Machine Kivaa
The Machine Kivaa is Kiva's personal Honda Shadow 750 motorcycle given by Kivat and is said to have been made by Motobat the 16th, master craftsman of the Kivat Race. The Kivaa is a living motorcycle, possessing the brain of a horse monster in its upper cowl. When running at high speed, it generates the Shadow Veil to hide itself from plain sight. The Kivaa can be powered up through the use of the Buroon Fuestle.

Buroon Booster
The Super-Attaching Combination Buroon Booster is what happens when Buroon envelopes the Kivaa, allowing it to perform wheelies and reach greater speeds.

The Ixalion is Ixa's personal Honda CBR1000RR motorcycle, a MotoGP style bike, dubbed as the "Stallion" to his White Knight motif.

Machine Decader
The Machine Decader is Decade's personal Honda DN-01 motorcycle. The Decader can assume the form of the respective Rider's motorcycle. It exhibits this ability when Decade transforms the Decader into the Auto Vajin and the Side Basshar as Decade Violent Emotion.

The HardBoilder, designated the "MB1000RV", is Double's Honda CBR1000RR motorcycle. It is able to change forms by swapping out the back half of the motorcycle after docking with the RevolGarry.

Kamen Rider Accel's Bike Form
The power of the Accel Memory allows Kamen Rider Accel to assume a motorcycle-like form called Bike Form.

Gunner A
Itis a robotic tank that serves as Kamen Rider Accel's support droid. Its AI allows it to operate on its own from Accel. The front unit can also combine with the Gunner A to become the HardGunner.

It is Kamen Rider Skull's personal motorcycle. It is a modified Honda CBR1000RR resembling Kamen Rider Double's HardBoilder, but all black in color. It is armed with a series of guns called the Universal Launchers.

Ride Vendor
The Ride Vendor is Kamen Rider OOO's modified Honda VT 750 C2B Shadow Black Spirit mass-produced by the Kougami Foundation. It can transform from its Machine Vendor Mode, wa vending machine which holds the Candroids, allowing it to stay hidden in plain sight as a vending machine until needed.

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