Sunday, September 5, 2010

Non Power Rangers / Super Sentai Week

It has don on me I haven't done enough about the more obscure Tokusatsu like Metal Hero, the Seiyu series, Rescue Hero, Ultraman and etc., also hoping that there is no new Power Rangers new this week (I am assuming it won't come until mid-September), I announce Non Power Rangers / Super Sentai Week!


Anonymous said...

the top three tokusatsu in japan are super sentai kamen rider and ultraman you have been doing a good job with everything give yourself a round of appaulse now a little ultraman is all your missing but hes not that big here i wonder why

Anonymous said...

Probably because most English-speaking Tokusatsu fans had Power Rangers as a gateway to their fandom. I was surprised to find out not long ago that they were still making new series. I always thought Tiga and Dyna were the last series produced.