Wednesday, September 8, 2010

South Korea: Vectormen

Vectorman (1999) was from South Korea. One thousand years ago, Venus was attacked and the civilization there was destroyed by the Empire for its natural resources. Princess Ledia escaped to Earth carrying the means to create and train the Vectormen to defend Earth from Medusa, leader of the Empire forces. Like the other series I have covered today, I have never seen this one.

At first the costumes might look dumb, but I think they are unique as the silver mouths are not based on human lips but on the animals.

Kang Jin-ho/Tiger Vectorman
19 year-old college student, taekwondo club member and has tiger-motif in red.

Cho Bihoan/Eagle Vectorman
19 year-old Boxing champion. Smart and liked women. His motif was of the Eagle in Green. For some reason, his jacket had yellow on it instead of green.

Bear Vectorman
Shin Woong is a 19 year-old Judo Champion. His motif was of the Bear in black. For some reason his jacket consisted of black and green.

Satan Empire
Evil Empire conquering the ambitious of the entire universe. Have expanded their power through repeated invasion. Imperial identity is unknown. Medusa is the total Commander Satan Empire Earth invaders. Looks beautiful, but is cruel and ruthless. Cobra Space Battleship of command from the side of the moon a giant fortress. Gen Cobra is the outpost commander of Satan, he is ambitious cruel and nasty.

Giant Bekutaman
To counter the huge monster of Satan, a giant combat robot spacecraft to escape from the planet Venus. It works by tracing the movement of Soldiers stood on the autopilot.

Check out this website about Vectorman (South Korean)

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you should put all these non-japanese series in your tokousatsu site (where you have b-fighter and all that stuff).

BTW, cool outfits, this seems to be a movie.